Scholarships and Financial Assistance

We understand that families sometimes face economic challenges and must make difficult choices. GENEVA friends and donors help us provide scholarship assistance for families with need. In order to address any financial concerns, we’ve outlined ways to make camp accessible for everyone.

Common circumstances in which GENEVA will provide scholarship include, but are not limited to, recent job loss, family medical needs, or multiple siblings attending camp. We also understand the sacrifices that are made to work as a pastor, and provide financial assistance to families to whom this applies.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship, you will need to fill out the Scholarship Application form while registering your child for camp. Once the scholarship application is submitted with a $50.00 deposit, our scholarship committee will review the application and contact you by email with the amount of your scholarship and instructions regarding payment.

If your family receives a scholarship, you are able to pay your portion of the balance in full or on a payment plan by credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or by mailing a check.


In addition to financial assistance, we have a few sessions that are shorter and less expensive:

Day Camp

Day Camp @ Lakeview (July 5-8) for grades 1-2 – $200
Day Camp @ Ridge (July 5-9) w/ Thursday & Friday overnight for grades 3-4 – $255
Day Camp (August 15-18) for grades 1-3 – $200


Shores (July 5-9) for grades 3-6 – $395
Shores (August 15-19) for grades 3-6 – $395


Pines (July 5-9) for grades 7-9 – $425
Pines (August 15-19) for grades 7-9 – $425