GENEVA Board Self Assessment


Board role and activity:

The board adequately oversees the financial performance and fiduciary accountability of the organization.(Required)

The board actively engages in discussion around significant issues.(Required)

Each board meeting includes an opportunity for learning more about the organization's activities.(Required)

The board reviews the organization's performance in carrying out the mission on a regular basis.(Required)

The board appropriately focuses on policy in board discussions and not on administrative matters.(Required)

The board adequately supervises and evaluates the work of the executive director.(Required)

Board organization and meetings:

Board meetings are frequent enough to ensure effective governance.(Required)

Board members receive meeting agendas and supporting materials in time for adequate advance review.(Required)

The information provided by staff is adequate to ensure effective board governance and decision-making.(Required)

The board chair effectively leads the board meetings and the governance work of the board.(Required)

Committees have adequate agendas for each meeting and address issues of substance.(Required)

Board and committee meetings are worth attending.(Required)

Board membership

The board has a range of talents, experience, and knowledge to accomplish its role and use them effectively.(Required)

Board members demonstrate a commitment to the mission of GENEVA.(Required)

Members seem adequately prepared for board meetings.(Required)

Board members fully and positively participate in board discussions.(Required)

The board considers and respects minority opinions.(Required)


I have made attending board and committee meetings a priority and my attendance has been satisfactory.(Required)

I feel that my participation at meetings has been satisfactory.(Required)

My financial support demonstrates that the ministry is one of my priorities.(Required)

I have been an advocate for GENEVA in the community.(Required)

I am satisfied with my relationship with other board members.(Required)