Camp Availability

Please note: This page is updated manually and therefore is not as up to date as the online registration form that updates in real time. This is just meant to give you a general idea of how things are filling up.

Day Camp

Day Camp • June 10-141st-4thClosedClosed
Day Camp • June 17-211st-3rdClosedClosed
Day Camp • June 17-22 (Thursday & Friday Overnight)3rd-4thClosedClosed
Day Camp • June 24-281st-3rdClosedClosed
Day Camp • June 24-28 (Thursday Overnight) 3rd-4thClosedClosed
Day Camp • July 1-51st-3rdClosedClosed
Day Camp • July 1-5 (Thursday Overnight) 3rd-4thClosedClosed
Day Camp • July 8-121st-3rdClosedClosed
Day Camp • July 8-13 (Thursday & Friday Overnight)3rd-4thClosedClosed
Day Camp • July 15-191st-3rdClosedClosed
Day Camp • July 15-19 (Thursday Overnight) 3rd-4thClosedClosed
Day Camp • July 22-261st-3rdWaitlistingWaitlisting
Day Camp • July 22-26 (Thursday Overnight) 3rd-4thWaitlistingWaitlisting
Day Camp • July 29-August 21st-3rdWaitlistingWaitlisting
Day Camp • July 29-August 3 (Thursday & Friday Overnight)3rd-4thWaitlistingWaitlisting
Day Camp • August 5-91st-4thWaitlistingWaitlisting
Day Camp • August 12-151st-3rdWaitlistingWaitlisting


Shores • June 10-144th-7thClosedClosed
Shores • June 17-224th-7thClosedClosed
Shores • June 24-284th-6thClosedClosed
Shores • July 1-54th-6thClosedClosed
Shores • July 8-134th-7thClosedClosed
Shores • July 15-194th-6thClosedClosed
Shores • July 22-264th-6thAlmost FullWaitlisting
Shores • July 29-August 34th-6thAlmost FullWaitlisting
Shores • August 5-9 (Imagination Week)4th-6thWaitlistingWaitlisting
Shores • August 12-163rd-6thWaitlistingWaitlisting


Pines • June 10-147th-9thClosedClosed
Pines • June 17-227th-9thClosedClosed
Pines • June 24-287th-9thClosedClosed
Pines • July 1-57th-9thClosedClosed
CONNECT • July 1-57th-12thClosedN/A
Pines • July 8-137th-9thClosedClosed
Pines • July 15-197th-9thClosedClosed
Pines • July 22-267th-9thWaitlistingWaitlisting
Pines • July 29-August 37th-9thWaitlistingWaitlisting
Pines • August 5-97th-9thWaitlistingWaitlisting
Pines • August 12-167th-9thWaitlistingWaitlisting

High School

GENEVA Classic • June 10-1410th-12thClosedClosed
Pack & Paddle • June 17-2210th-12thClosedClosed
CONNECT • July 1-57th-12thClosedN/A
Water Week • July 8-1310th-12thClosedClosed
GENEVA Classic • July 29-Aug. 310th-12thWaitlistingWaitlisting
GENEVA Classic • August 5-910th-12thWaitlistingWaitlisting

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