Application Process

  1. The CIT application is integrated right into the online registration and will need to be completed before the registration can be submitted.
  2. All registrations/applications must be done using our online registration form. Register online.
  3. The CIT registration can be completed by the parent but the application must be completed by the CIT applicant. As you work through the form, everything you enter will be saved so you do not have to complete both the registration and the application at the same time. To continue where you left off or have the CIT applicant complete the application later, simply log back into your online account.
  4. Registration/application deadline is February 28. When you register online, you will be asked to give us two references of people outside your family (school or Sunday school teacher, youth leader, friend). We will email a reference form to them. The two reference forms will be due no later than March 8.
  5. When you register online for a CIT session, you will not be charged anything.
  6. All CIT applicants must have a personal interview. Once we receive both of your references, we will email to let you know the interview dates so you can call to schedule an interview. CIT interviews are done in March. Phone or Skype interviews are available for those who live too far from GENEVA to come for a personal interview.
  7. If you are chosen to be part of our CIT program, you will be notified by email.
  8. Due to the large number of registrations we receive for our CIT program, we realize many of you who apply will not be accepted. If you would like to attend one of our High School Camps in the event you are not accepted into the CIT program, we recommend you also register for a high school session right away as the High School Camps will likely be full by the time the CIT selection process is completed in late March. If you are accepted into the CIT program after your interview, we will cancel your High School Camp registration, transfer your payment to your CIT session, and refund the difference.

The CIT role is very important to our campers and the GENEVA summer program. Campers will look at you as one of the staff, and will likely want to model themselves after you. Thus it is important for GENEVA to select the best possible candidates as CITs so that the summer program as a whole will continue to be strong. We hope you get the opportunity to participate in the CIT program.